At Roundabout selling is easy:      
Booking - Book an appointment to visit our shop with the items you wish to sell. Contact us here.
Quantity - Bring no more than 10 items at a time. 
Pricing - With your agreement we will price your items. On sale of your item(s) you receive 50% of the sold price. 
Quality - We sell good quality and natural materials. Cashmere, silk, linen, wool and cotton. Please ensure items are laundered and pressed beforehand.  We do not accept any damaged goods.
Timeframe - Your items are displayed in our shop or on our website for 6 weeks. We hold unsold items for a further 6 weeks for you to collect.
After this time uncollected items will be donated to charity.
Payment - With your receipt you can visit the shop or email us to arrange a bank transfer.   
Seasonal - The clothes we sell are dependent on the season. For example, during the autumn/winter period we will be selling more heavy fabrics such as cashmere/wool jumpers and boots whereas in the summer months we will sell  lightweight fabrics such as linens and cotton and sandals. 
Brands - We love designer labels such as Mulberry, Burberry, Isabel Marant, Oska,and Margaret Howell. We also sell good quality high street labels such as Whistles, Zara, Hobbs and Toast. There are many wonderful labels that we will accept, so if you have any queries just email us some photos.